2SPI – Wild Spirits

What’s good M8,

Wanna be amongst the people knowing about the new trends of the Spirits Industry –
You think that you already know what’s up around you in the wildness, but do you know us ?

Dealer of fine Wild Spirits, we do our best to make our booze stand out through its uniqueness. Each one of 2Spi’s Spirits has a story to tell you, a journey to take you on and some unique taste profiles that will make you

Dealer of fine Wild Spirits – 2SPI – Show me what you got.



2SPI GIN – Wild Spirits

2Spi is a handcrafted London Dry Gin inspired by the pioneering spirit of early explorers of Africa.

The gin is distilled using 14 botanicals, including unique African ingredients such as Baobab, Buchu and African Wormwood.
2Spi Gin is produced in small batches of 800 bottles; each named after past great wild African animals or those that wildness African animal foundations currently help to protect.By contributing 15% of its profits to African foundations, 2Spi Gin takes an active part in supporting the foundations’ activities.

This Wild Spirit is crafted in the Cognac region using the traditional method of copper still distillation and benefits of the knowledge of its unique yet traditional savoir-faire that ensures a high and constant quality of each of our batches.